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We love teachers

We love how you inspire people to become the best versions of themselves. We love that you, in a world full of opportunity and creativity, choose to give back in a meaningful way. Let us give back to you. We work hard to make sure teachers like you can easily and comfortably travel to choice locales all over the world. New experiences and wonders await you!

good hands

You're in good hands.

We will assist in travel, employment, and housing. Both safety and enjoyment are important to us.


Convenience is what we do.

Everything can be done easily on your computer or phone; we will take care of everything else. Contact us freely if you have any questions at all.


Need TEFL certification?

We are working on offering a course that will grant certification through an accredited agency.

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About Edvntr

We are a young, growing company hoping to change the world. Transparency is built right into our structure. We believe that teachers are society's backbone and could use better avenues of support. As a service, we know that user feedback along with constant reiteration will blossom Edvntr into greatness; allowing us to improve the teaching landscape in a new and profound way.

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